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Unlock your business potential with Haptiq – where insight meets innovation. We offer a nuanced understanding of your company’s performance and know exactly how to leverage technology for sustained growth. Through our suite of software, digital solutions, and industry expertise, Haptiq arms business leaders with a clear path to accelerate growth and profitability.


Haptiq, the smartest business partner
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Designed to support your investment team, Olympus is our purpose-built platform for managing what you own, understanding your performance, and navigating every part of the business investment process. From small businesses to larger ones, from private equity funds to debt managers, and CFOs, we arm you with the right tools to drive growth.



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We have the expertise, the tools, and the solutions to help you grow your business and maximize your potential. From customized technology development, to marketing and product strategy implementation, our dedicated team of specialists can help deliver the results you need.



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At Haptiq, we’ll help you reimagine the way your business operates. By identifying areas of improvement together, we will help you implement custom software solutions that will optimize your business. Scale more efficiently and rapidly while driving the best possible outcomes.